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Keeping you out of the woods

At Timberline Clearing, we are committed to precision service, customer excellence and making safety a priority. We look at every job to ensure it is planned, executed and completed timely and efficiently. No matter the project, Timberline Clearing has the people, equipment and expertise to get the job done.

Right-of-Way Clearing

Timberline Clearing clears more than 1,500 miles of rights-of-way each year. We have the equipment, the workforce and the expertise to get your job done on time and injury free.

We can provide initial line clearing for new pipelines to be installed, or routine right-of-way clearing/widening for existing pipelines.

Timberline Clearing has specialized equipment able to perform aerial canopy/side cutting for transmission companies.

We use specialized equipment capable of getting on and off the rails with ease. We can also use ground machines for railroad clearing.

Call or email us, or fill out our online form so our team of experts can start providing you with a clear cutting solution that's sure to amaze.

Want to get started with Timberline Clearing?

We have specialized equipment able to perform ballast undercutting with ease.

Timberline Clearing's employees are qualified with eRailsafe, ensuring everyone knows the rules and acts safely when working around active railroad lines.

We provide right-of-way clearing services to railroads using either our on-rail equipment, or ground mulching machines.

Railroad Maintenance

From ballast undercutting to tie removal, Timberline Clearing is your safest and most cost-effective contractor

Timberline Clearing provides many of North America's major pipelines and transmission companies, along with right-of-way clearing and track maintenance services for the railroads.