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Who We Are

Our personnel are skilled in their craft, trained to the highest standards and focused on safety. 

Local. Reliable. Trusted.

Since 2007, Timberline Clearing has been dedicated to safe, efficient and cost-effective right-of-way clearing and railroad maintenance services to the pipeline, transmission, and railroad industries. They are highly trained and experienced, and can take on any job thrown our way. 

Our team includes forestry equipment operators, ISA certified arborists, licensed commercial herbicide applicators and an on-staff land agent. They are committed to safety, and qualified with some of the largest tree care industry safety organizations in the country.


Dependable. Experienced. Safe.

Because of our skilled and committed professionals, we are able to stand behind our commitment to provide safe, reliable and cost effective right-of-way clearing services to our clients. Our employees are certified with industry safety organizations such as ISNetworld, the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), ERailSafe, EVerify, and many more.

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Join Our Team

A company is only as good as it's people and as strong as its reputation. Contact us today to see current openings. 

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