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Railroad Services

Need to get your railroad right-of-way back-on-track? Timberline Clearing can help.

With a fleet of specialized on rail equipment, Timberline Clearing provides railroad services to numerous Class I, Regional and Short Line railroads across the United States. All of our professional staff is highly trained and E-RailSafe qualified, ensuring all employees know the rules and act safe when around active rail lines.

Our railroad equipment has both on and off track capabilities, easily capable of setting off when trains are coming - which means more efficient train operations. We can also perform right-of-way clearing services using our specialized ground mulching machines. 

We provide a variety of services to the rail industry, including the following:

  • On/Off Track Brush Cutting

  • Ballast Undercutting

  • Ditching

  • Tree Canopy Cutting

  • Derailment Cleanup

  • Tie Removal/Pick Up

  • Rail Car Unloading

  • Panel and Switch Removal

  • Crossing Repair

  • On/Off Track Weed Spraying

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